About Us

Welcome to Indiana Custom Fabrication, Inc. (ICF), a Hope, IN based small, woman-owned business specializing in metal fabrication and finishing services. We  provides affordable and reliable metal fabrication for custom parts, and take pride in getting the job done right, the first time. We use top of the line materials, the most efficient equipment, and have a commitment to fervently follow all design specifications.


ICF provides the "One-Stop-Shop" advantage, offering a full-range of services which complement our metal fabrication capabilities. ICF goes beyond our weld and fabrication process by offering additional services to our customers such as engineering services (design, drafting, 3D modeling, FEA, CFD, etc), sand blasting, powder coating, delivery, assembly, installation, and more.

Our licensed professional engineers and team of designers can provide sealed prints, CAD models and drafting for all components, 3D models, FEA (finite element analyses), and CFD analyses for prototyping and product design.

Quote Process

ICF estimators have real-life, hands-on experience. When requested, we can evaluate your project for alternative design ideas locating potential cost savings or preventing possible hazards. Our staff has a proven track record for innovative, thorough solutions to unique problems.

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